Some Hp-67/97 Programs


I got a little bored at work this afternoon, so did a Google search for HP-97 Programs. Don't really know why I selected the 67/97 - I don't even own one. But I came up with some interesting papers - probally totally useless, but still interesting.

From the U.S. Forest Service with the following Title:

Programable Calculator Programs to Solve Softwood Volume and Value Equations

From NOAA:

The U.S. Standard Atmosphere On The HP67/HP97

And from The Rand Corportation, the wonderfull

Hand Calculator Programs for Staff Officers

This last one is 241 pages long and includes 23 programs with listings and discussion on each.

There were quite a few more hits on Google, but they required a subscription to the particular journal.

Have Fun.


Edited: 30 Nov 2006, 2:19 p.m.

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