HP-49g+ CASCMD command



According to the user's guide of the hp-49g+, english edition in pdf downloaded from HP site, at the paragraph 1-7, the CASCMD command of the TOOL menu is

used to launch a command from the CAS by selecting from a list.
But when I try to launch a command by the CASCMD menu, what I obtain is a replication of the HELP command which, on the same guide page is a
facility describing the commands available.

Have I changed some flag that makes the CASCMD behave like HELP?

Or has the most recent ROM I uploaded (I think 2.09 version) changed what was the normal way as exposed into the user's guide?

Any help appreciated.

-- Antonio


I just searched comp.sys.hp48 and this appears to be "normal" for the 49g+ and 50g though it is in conflict with the manuals for both. I am only able to access a list of CAS commands from EQW using [CMDS]. [CASCM] and [HELP] from the TOOL menu seem to do exactly the same thing. [ENTER]ing CASCMD directly also brings up the CAS help facility.

Though this does not seem right, I guess that's the way it is.



Ok, so this is normal.

Thanks, Ken.

-- Antonio



Highlighting CASCMD from /-> CAT changes the F1 label to [HELP]. Pressing [HELP] returns an error beep.


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