OT: Using "DISP" function on Commodore S-61 Statistician


Could someone please advise me on the following:

Seek information on how to use the "DISP" (Display) function on Commodore S-61 Statistician for setting the number of significant digits.

If I follow instructions on page 14 of the instruction manual and execute the specified set of key-strokes, the result is not as described in the manual. For example, if I need 4 digits after the decimal point and execeture the following four key-stroke sequence:
"F DISP . 4" the display shows “0.4” instead of the original calculation truncated to 4 digits after the decimal point.

Any suggestions or advice where else to post this question?

Many thanks!


If it's not HP or TI Katie probably has it. She posted her site url here a couple of days ago.

Here it is again and the S61 is there



Sorry disregaed my other post. I thought you needed a manual. I should read the whole post before I jump in.


I don't have the manual, but I wonder if you should have the decimal point in your procedure.

It seems to me that it would be more sensible to use "F DISP 4" to set 4 digits of decimal display, whereas the decimal point might well stop the DISP effort and simply display .4 as you (unknowingly) requested.


According to the manuals, both the S-61 and M-55 have two DISP functions. DISP n will give n significant digits in total, while DISP . n will give n decimal places, I only have the N-60 so can't test this. Although the N-60 (Navigator) is in the same Commodore series it doesn't have either DISP function -- I guess that pilots always want the maximum number of digits displayed! :)

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