Other batteries for the HP-41?


Any experience with using any of the newer types of batteries (smaller, more punch...) with the HP-41?


More punch than what? NiMH are 1.2V per cell, and that's where the low-battery indication starts on the 41. A set of alkalines leaves me able to completely forget about the batteries for a couple of years at a time.

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I'm a heavy user with NoV-32 and the no-auto-off-bug. Any alternative little 6V battery with a longer life (camera type battery) that I could use?

... I'm looking for a cheaper alternative that is easier to get hold of.

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I use the card reader quite often. The best option for me is N sized NiCd cells. I charge them outside with charger that I built time ago.


On the recheargables: 4*1,2V=4,8V

Maybe it is easier (and better) to go with a 6V recheargable?

Could anyone give me some feedback on this list (if any of them could work):

476A Alkaline 6V camera battery

11A Alkaline 6V high voltage battery

CRP2 Lithium 6V camera battery

Photo Lithium CRP2 Rechargeable Battery

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I have tried the N size 1.2V NiMH batteries and they last longer then the NiCd and these can be charged separately in a standard AA battery charger. You can insert two N size NiMH batteries in series in the place of one AA size battery in the normal charger. With this arrangement four N size batteries can be charged at a time in a standard two AA batteries' slots in a standard NiMH charger.

If you are equipped and willing to do some precision soldering onto the battery contacts within the calculator then it opens up the possibilities of using other battery packs,eg 6V rechargeables, externally. However, this is not so elegant, has some risk (soldering inside) and reduces portability of the calculator.

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