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Hello - Despite the fact that the HP 50g is one of the best educational investments i have ever made, there is one problem that annoys me.

It seems that the action of a keystroke is occasionally delayed until another key is pressed. Id say this happens once for every 50 keystrokes.

Let me exemplify the problem. Say i open a choose menu and push the down arrow to choice X. And then lets just say that one time i pressed the downkey nothing happens UNTIL I PRESS ANY OTHER KEY. Say I press the down arrow again. This results in moving the selection TWO choices down. Or say I press the press the OK F-button after the freeze. This results in moving the selection down ONCE, than applying the choice. Weird!

One may claim my keytime is set too high. I put it very low (500) and still this happens. Note that the problem of missed entries due to rapid keypresses is distinct from the problem I am having.

I also upgraded the ROM. No cigar.

Can someone please let me know if I am not the only person having this problem? Thankyou


It is the wonderful "Busy Bug" as it has been dubbed. It has to do with the interaction between the ARM and the emulated saturn when there is speed switching going on.

Unfortunately it looks like it probably won't be fixed any time soon.



Interesting. Is this bug exclusively 50g or has this happened for a while now?


It happened in the 49G+ for a while, and then dissapeared, and then came back later. From what I heard, nobody could every figure out where or why. The other ARM based calculators, like the 39GS and 40GS don't have this issue.


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