Plotting multiple equations on the 50g?


Is there a simple answer to this question? The manual says it's possible but it doesn't describe how it's done.



Put the expressions you want to plot into a list,

and store the list in EQ.

I can't believe this isn't described in the manual.



Thanks. The answer is pretty obvious once you know what it is. As far as I can tell, this is not DIRECTLY addressed in the manual. But, since the manual (.pdf file) is 887 pages long, it is very likely that I just missed it.

Thanks again,


You can also plot each equation individually. Just don't press the erase button between plots.


I think you can also set two equations equal to each other, stored in EQ: 'x^2=cos(x)'


I think you can also set two equations equal to each other, stored in EQ: 'x^2=cos(x)'

That's true for the 28S (probably also for the 28C). I think, they removed the feature on later RPL models.



I must stand corrected, the trick still works on the 48S and 48G and even on the 49g+/50g+. You have to store something like 'SIN(X)=COS(X)' in EQ and can than plot both curves simultaneously.


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