Keytime in the 50g


I can't seem to figure out how to change the keytime to a smaller time on the 50g.


Well, assuming that it's like the 49g+, key in whatever value you prefer, from 0 through 4092, as either a real number or a zint (exact integer), and then execute the \->KEYTIME command (where \-> represents the right arrow character). You can find the \->KEYTIME command in the CAT choose box (the right arrow comes after alphabetic characters), or you can simply enter it from the command line. The easiest way to start typing it in is ALPHA RightShift 0 to get the right arrow character.

To check the current keytime, execute the KEYTIME\-> command.

The keytime value is in ticks (1 second = 8192 ticks), so, for example, if you want the keytime to be 1/16 second, then use a keytime of 256.



Ok, that works, Thanks.

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