560 Digits of Pi with a HP-41C



Programs to compute multiple digits of Pi are very commun, and a lot of versions for the HP-41 exist.

I decided to put online my own version for the HP-41 I wrote maybe 20 years ago, with it I got 560 digits in about 22h. There are better HP-41 programs that can still be found in PPC archives, but I didn't know them at the time, and I'm still proud of my program, I wrote it without any theoretical knowledge of multiprecision arithmetic.

560 Digits of Pi with a HP-41C


Edited: 21 Nov 2006, 12:59 p.m.


i think the last 5 digits of 561 digits in total should be 70277. The image in the top left of the webpage has 70208. Still, very impressive!

I wonder if running the same code in Free42 (would take a little tweaking) will give a faster result. 22 hours is a long time!


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