Another Voyager Sighting


I don't recall this being mentioned here before, so here goes:

I was watching a program on DiscoveryHD the other night about the NEAR space probe. During one shot at NASA's center in Maryland I noticed what was clearly a voyager-era HP. I paused on a relatively clear frame and with the help of a 57" screen was able to ID it as a 15c. As always, I was tickled to see a 20+ year old machine being used to make sensitive navigation calculations for a highly-expensive piece of equipment following a 3-billion mile journey!

If you haven't gone hi-def yet, you'll still be able to recognize it as a voyager, which is enough fun in itself!

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just to recall those who were not here at that time: a Festo catalog. I do not have it, just a couple of scanned images, so I cannot tell any other reference. Because of the key color, I'd bet it is an HP10C.

Not a Voyager reference, but indeed another HP one, from the main hall in the university I teach in. Luciano is the name of the teacher the students wanted as their 'best man', but the HP49G-shape plaque was because of me, as they say... Cool, ahn?

Click to enlarge

I hope you enjoy!

Luiz (Brazil)

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Can anyone put up a screen-cap of that NEAR footage of the 15c?



Referring to sightings, wasn't there one of an HP-65 or 67 on one of the Shuttle flights?



Sure, I check when the next time it's on and capture it from the firewire port on my DVR box.



Do you know the name of the program? I spent some time on DiscoveryHD's website but could not figure out what program would be about the NEAR project.

(I work with a bunch of engineers and HP fanatics. I would like to print the pic and show the boys).


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