Spice Battery


Can anyone recommend where I can find a working replacement battery for a Spice (37E), 82109A?




Nowadays all original Spice battery packs must be dead. If they're still alive, they might harm your calculator.

What you seek is basically two flat-end AA size NiCd soldered in series.

Why flat ends ? To avoid breaking your fragile Spice battery contacts with the protruding ends of standard Ni-Cads.

Why soldered ? Because it provides a more reliable connection than merely linking the Nicds with sheet metal.

If you don't feel like rebuilding the pack yourself, you can find suitable 2AA readymade packs in some department stores. They are sold as replacements for wireless phones battery packs.

Best regards from France.


Edited: 15 Nov 2006, 5:03 p.m.

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