Interesting FTC report concerning TI calculator patent enforcement


On Google books I happened to find the FTC report In the Matter of Certain Portable Electronic Calculators, Investigation No. 337-TA-198, dated July 1985. This report details actions TI brought against importers of calculators based on one of TI's patents. I found it because it has references to the Anita, Friden EC130, HP 9100, and HP-35. I haven't read it all, but the portions I've looked at are interesting.

Google's display of the pages claims that they are copyrighted, but this is incorrect. As a document authored by the United States Government, it is not subject to copyright, and is thus in the public domain.

I may try to obtain a paper copy to scan so I can make a PDF available online.



If you can view the material in your browser, and it's not Copyright, why don't you just print it to PDF? (Perhaps there are HTML artifacts you wish to omit? I've never looked at Google books).

There are several opensource PDF writers available for windows. "CutePDF" is one I use on a work machine.

Hope this helps,


I waded through a couple dozen pages of this thing (the "legal-eze" language is mind numbing!). From what I get out of it, TI holds up the HP35 as an example of an original, legitimate design, by virtue of the fact that it used two chips in its implementation, as opposed to the single chip design, to which TI was claiming patent rights, and which was being used by a lot of "knock-off" imports.

Anybody else have a take on this?
Best regards, Hal

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