HEPAX with MLDL2000 testing


For those testing HEPAX with MLDL2000, please verify if the test results are different with or without the cable USB plugged in (and connected to a PC with M2kM running).

I suspect a minor issue here, due to the fact that the bank switching registers inside the MLDL2000 loose their contents when the HP41 is idle (this should be normal behavior). When USB is connected these registers are constantly powered and are never reset, which could result in different behavior. This is relatively easy to fix, I just need to know. I have had no time to do any testing myself, and I do not have HEPAX experience enough to test this myself.




Hi, Meindert;

Any clues about what to test? I mean, RAM access (read/write), system access, general operation, extended not listed functions operation... As far as I can think of it, if these registers reset their values to a default condition while the calculator is iddle, I see no 'bad behavior' if using HEPAX. The worst case would be a running program stored in one bank and is stopped. If the registers are reset, the only way to continue its execution would be if the program is replicated in all banks. This is what we actually do when forcing all banks in the same address to point to the same RAM block.

I'd gladly go ahead testing everything, but it would be faster (and hopfully easier) if there is a specific area to test and a possible behavior to observe.

Thanks and best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 13 Nov 2006, 8:26 p.m.


If everything with HEPAX is working fine in both situations (with and without USB connected) then there is no issue, actually this is why the ROM image must be available in all banks of a port. It is just something to be aware of.


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