Fwd: RS232 Homebrew for interface from RS232 to Ham Radio


I found this message in my mailbox and I think it's a good idea to post it not only in comp.sys.hp48 but also here.


From: "Baranowsky, John" <John.Baranowsky AT mwra DOT state DOT ma DOT us>

Subject: RS232 Homebrew for interface from RS232 to Ham Radio

Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2006 12:08:04 -0500

I do not post to this group yet. I saw discussion about HP50 signal from RS232.

I built this interface and it works both ways. Many such as this are available already commercially or to build.

Please post to the HP group this information.

Also, I use eCom Station and before OS/2 since 1992.

John Baranowsky


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