Victim of Scam - dont make the same mistake


In August 2006 I placed an ad in the Classifieds seeking a card for an HP-48GX.

I got a responce from '' masquerading as 'David Lee Siddons' in England. We agreed on a price and I send a certified money order to this entity. This character also uses the following email: ''.

About four weeks later, 'David Lee Siddons' advises me the shipping cost exceed his budget. Reluctantly, I settle on a figure and send another certified money order.

This seller held back a reference to track shipment until I send these funds. advise the reference number provided by this character is valid for a shipment to Nigeria. GACK. I have lost $120 GBP in this scam.

Last week, this character contacts me to advise that article was lost thru ( Royal Mail courier in England) and that he has claimed $10,000 GBP ( Great British Pounds) and in order to receive my share ( half), I would need to provide this character with my bank account details.

If you do get a responce from this character for any item you are seeking, RUN.

If you do get a reply from anyone responding to a WANT to BUY, I would recommend you use the services of an independant third party to verify articles and condition. These are known as escrow services. Dont make the same mistake I did.




Are you still looking for a card? If so what one, maybe somebody has one available.


If you need blank cards, Oliver Klotz makes them. I have two 128 kb and a 2 Mb card from him.

Edited: 9 Nov 2006, 8:32 a.m.

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