Another interesting "coburlin" auction


Get your red hot 4K RAM for a mere $189.

4K RAM for $189


Actually, that would be another Coburlin Buy-It-Now rip-off, not an auction. What, you didn't see his latest super-rip-job?

A nice, non-working HP10 he *tried* to sell

Where he bought that that great, pre-owned, vintage, non-working, HP in in the box

And just for your viewing pleasure, here's the source for that great bargain you just advertised for him CLINICAL-X

I guess what bugs me the most is that I actually watch this jerk troll for fools and fall for the bait like this post. It's like some kind of out-of-body experiance, I go look at what he's scored B-I-N every once in awhile just for the fun of it all. Oh well, I really should get a life... I just can't help myself. Somebody stop me, please!

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No, no Randy. Please go on. I like being entertained to see how this guy works. Alot of us are not fools and we like being kept up to date on this guy. We need good watch dogs like your self. Its amazing what work of mouth or in this case word of email does to this community of Hp fans don't you agree?
Keep up the good work. I know 'he' doesn't.



What gets me is how he always ends his descriptions with the ridiculous contradiction in terms "Guaranteed working and sold as is".

So which is it..."Guaranteed working", or "Sold as is".

My surmise is that he would invoke "sold as is" if ever taken to task on "guaranteed working".


I do not wish to defend the man, but the auction description does say, in part, "Guaranteed to power up only" continuing with "but it is being sold untested and as-is condition".


I'd stay away from CoBubba's trash!!!

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Of course. I was only commenting on one aspect of the description.


Interesting, he says he doesn't have the expertise to test it further. As far as I know, the number of functions of the HP 10 can be counted on one or 2 hands, it's code name wasn't KISS for nothing. Quite an expert this guy (in what field however?).


Quotes from a current co-burnem' auction.

I tested examples from the handbook and got correct answers.

Gee, the HP67 he's referring to here is much more complex than an HP10, yet he somehow mustered the expertise to test it...

The built-in card reader is untested, no program card to test

But wait...his expertise has suddenly and selectively eluded him!

all sales are final. Guaranteed in working condition and sold as is pictured.

And to top it all off in true shyster fashion, this slippery language looks to let him weasle out of just about anything.

Let the buyer beware!!


It seems his only full-time job is hunting Ebay for bargains, I do not think he has other job, because he spends too many time in Ebay.


This man must be very poor. He does not sell a lot...


Awesome! I never imagined so many observed his shenanigans, but I guess he's very visible and entertaining - and his score keeps going up! I've observed as an HP seller, I never get his wonderful low-ball offers anymore. His BIN's are done for 7 days, then extended to 10 at the last moment, but what's the point as they sit forever. He is an enigma, but go ahead and buy something and find out who he is - if you have the wallet for it!


His recent sold:

42s                  349    oct31
15c 319 nov6
photodraw 229 nov6
smi survey card 48gx 389 nov8


Which just proves P.T. Barnum was right, there is a sucker born every minute. Coburlin isnt't dumb, he just doesn't make as money as he could if he lowered his prices and value added somehow, like new batteries for his classic masterpieces. Nah, that would cut into his margins, low that they are.

He appears quite content to pay and wait, pay and wait. That's his M.O. always has been, probably always will be. Isn't capitalism grand? Especially when you can watch it in action! Or not ;^)


Coburlin snipe this one at the very last second!

Because of this kind of people it's difficult (if possible) to buy a calculator at a low price.


Mr Jamet;

Let me preface this with the statement that i see cobutwad as a steaming brown maggot covered pile. He is a sneaking bloodsucking parasite that is beneath contempt.

With that said, and keeping in mind that i bought my 48sx back in '91 for about $275, i have something to tell you: If you don't think that a 48 is worth more than 20 gollies; you don't want or need one very much.


Sorry Patrick,

No sympathy from me. :)

If you were bidding, why didn't you bid a higher maximum??? If you wern't bidding, then you have no complaint since you wern't even in the game.

Low ball last second bids ONLY work because someone else is low balling their maximum bid.



And this one didn't "end early."

Maybe he's going legit??

From reading this forum, I would have thought tons of people would have been interested in this auction. How did it slip by everyone?

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