Getting input on 28S


I have used the "prompt ->" command on the 48 series for getting input on interactive programs. Is there an equivalent command on the 28S?

Thanks, Bill



just a quick hint: The 28S Owner's Manual has a chapter "Interactive Programs" (pp 234-239)

What comes into my mind is 'HALT'ing the program, then let the user input a value into the stack and press CONT to continue. To make things clear, you can display a message to tell the user what you expect.



Here is a simple example:

<< 0 0 0 -> a b c
<< { STO a b c } MENU
a b c
If you run this little program, you get a menu:
[ a ][ b ][ c ][   ][   ][   ]
You can now enter values like in the solver.

After you press Shift CONT, the values you have entered are displayed on the stack.

While a program is HALTed, its local variables are visible and can be manipulated by the user. Shift CONT resumes program execution where it left off.



I don't think that anything like PROMPT or INPUT is built-in with
the 28 series, but as Marcus noted, the HALT command seems to be
the obvious choice for halting a program to allow user input.

Bill Wickes lists a PROMPT program in HP-28

<< "Enter " SWAP +
Of course, with the above program, the prompt string will always
start with "Enter ".

If you want a program where you specify the complete prompt
string, like the built-in PROMPT command in later RPL models, then
simplify it to:

You could store either of the above in a global variable to be
called by name in other programs, much like a built-in command, or
you could include:
"prompt string" CLLCD 1 DISP HALT
as in-line code in other programs.


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