Calculator Tips & Routines


I need in format PDF.
Thank you


Hi Gileno,

a bit "aenigmatic" your post, isn't it? ;)

Which calc are you talking about?

What tips and routines? Any?

Help us to help you.

Best regards.



One tip that has never let me down is keeping a supply of spare batteries solely for your calculator. In the past I kept 3 brand new "N" batteries for my HP28S on hand, and often would buy another set even before I used my emergency supply.

Now I keep a set of AAA's. Even if someone is in need of a AAA, they get nothing from my special HP battery stash. JC


Link "Calculator Tips & Routines"



You can view it on "The Other Site".



"The Other Site". ????


Do a google search for

dearing Calculator Tips & Routines

and the third or fourth search item will be for a site that has a lot of HP41 materials for viewing.


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