Rubber Feet for 11C


After 20 odd years of using my beloved 11C almost daily, the rubber feet have worn down so far that they have no grip at all.
Can anyone suggest where to get replacements or should I just make them?

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Supplies of original spare parts are a bit low after "20 odd years". I think it is easiest to cut 4 tiny rectangles out of e.g. an old bicycle tube.

Oooh oh, I must hurry, the members of this high forum will bash me for this proposal ;-)


some tube repair kits contain material that is thick enough - and pre stickumed.


Joe, a year ago I got some perfect replacement Voyager feet from pimpmyhp on ebay.



Alternatively, I would recommend looking for a cheap 12C from the same vintage and swapping the feet. It could be potentially easier than cutting your own. Sometimes you can get one for under $20.


Many plumbing supply and hardware stores sell rubber gasket material that is the proper thickness. Also EPDM roofing membrane (also used to line ponds). For stickup I use outdoor carpet tape. Very few innertube repair kits have material thick enough. Also bicycle innertubes are not thick enough. Finding a car or truck innertube can be hard these days.


Thanks everyone. I think I like the idea of the 12C having an amputation best, not that that is a slur on that marvellous machine. By the by, I did contact HP about it and I got the distinct impression that they couldn't understand why I could be bothered with an old calculator. Must be too young to appreciate what it was like getting an 11C and have missed out using one.



You might be interested in this eBay item.

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