Can Debug4x be used for HP 39G/40G development ?


The question is already in the subject. Has anybody ever used Debug4x to create a library for the HP 39G or 40G?

I've already asked this question in comp.sys.hp48 and got an answer from Jean-Yves Avenard:

I do it...

Even work on the 40gs ROM with Debug4x

Here is my follow up:
OK, Jean Yves. Can you detail the steps to follow?

A few things come in my mind:

(1) Get the matching emulator ROM and KML (already done)

(2) Get the correct SUPROMxx.* files (either from WSR or the SDK; which is current?)

(3) Get the correct include files (same question as for (2))

(4) Start a project (there is no check mark for the HP39/40 in the project window; what are the settings? I want to create a library.)

(5) Compile

(6) Load the lib into the emulator (I fear that does not work the same way
as for the 48/49 because the machine is so different)

(7) Debug

I'd be glad for any pointers.

You may have noticed that I want to create a communications library for the 39/40. Did you see my post "Creating SysRPL library to exchange data between 39G/40G series and 49G series?" Can provide some help?

Thanks in advance.

Jean-Yves replied that he does not use the Debug4x project feature. He then referred me to his pages at [link][link]

Here is my last post on the topic after which the thread ended:


thanks for the info. I've already looked at your site and downloaded the SDK and other files. The 39G/40G emulator is up and running.

>I do not use the project feature.

Here comes my next question. I compiled the ApletFrame (with the makefile, under CygWin) and the compile went through without problems. I can load the Aplet into the Emulator (via a virtual serial port and Conn3x) and I can start it. What I can't do is debug the aplet with symbols. So how do I setup my environment in Debug4x? Can I compile (and load) from there?

No more info on the topic since then :-(

Can anybody in this community help me further?



I don't think I have ever seen anyone successfully load anything into the 39/40 emulators. There was a small utility to do that for the 38, but I haven't seen it anywhere for quite a while.



Loading the software isn't a problem. I use Conn3x and a pair of "virtual COM ports" which are internally linked to each other. So I can just use the normal way of downloading aplets and libraries into the emulator.

My problem is how to to compile and debug the code with the Debug4x tools.


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