50 G compiled local variables


I would appreciate sharing knowledge on the issue of compiled local variables. The only reference I have seen is in the AUR manual and in some references on the 48 series. A simple example of an attempt to pass on a closed solution to an integration as a function to be called at will reveals some problems to me, but probably not to some of you more brlliant people. I can solve the problem by brute force, i.e., by changing every instance of "x"to the symbol for compiled local x manually, but there must be some way to generate rhe function directly.

The method I use now is to place the expression in a variable as a stored algebraic object recognising it as such by enclosing it between single quotes . The callimg routine has its independent variable placed on the stack in the proper position and calls lt as a compiled local, not just local.

FYI, I have tried temporary change of the CAS independent to the compiled version of x and to use it as the variable of integration, no can do. Thanks, Ron


Thanks for your help. I figured out the HP method for compiled local variable concept - not what I am used to. close to 180 degrees out, but not quite. Ineresting that they drop the priority of the local after only one level of the subordinate routine, guess it is designed to emforce management of the global bailout.

Still would like explanation or speculation why HP does not extend me the privilege of namimg the CAS variable a compiled local so I can more easily force it to find a closed symbolic solution to an intergration - most likely a partial fraction.

Thank you,


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