Does anyone have a schematic for the 32Sii and/or a datasheet for the NEC D3003GF-012 processor? Thanks in advance for any help.


There isn't a publicly available datasheet for the chip, nor is one available from NEC. It is an ASIC that was made under contract to HP. The HP part number is 1LR3-xxxx (numeric suffix unknown), is called a Sacajawea, and contains a Saturn CPU core, 16KB of ROM, 512 bytes of RAM, and an LCD driver.

The same chip with different ROM code was used in the 14B, 22S, and 32S.


Hi Eric,

Did the 20s and 21s, 10b use a different chip?

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Hi Eric,

Did the 20s and 21s, 10b use a different chip?

Yes, it did. The chip name is 1LU7 Bert. It has 10KB ROM and 256Byte RAM instead of 16KB ROM and 512Byte RAM of the 1LR3 chip. Another interesting detail is, that the 1LU7 Bert chip has only implemented a 16 bit address bus, the other upper 4 bits of the Saturn design are don't care. Also the I/O registers in the 1LU7 are much simpler than in the 1LR3. From the internal design the 1LR3 is much closer to the 1LR2 Lewis then to the 1LU7 Bert chip.




Thanks for the replies. A sticky fluid was spilled on the keyboard and in the act of trying to carefully clean it something went wrong. Now the thing won't power up after battery insertion (actually, once it did power up just with the battery insertion itself and every key seemed to work save for the ON key - after that it timed out / shut down and it hasn't graced me with its presence since). I did try discharging the assembly by shorting the battery terminals together - didn't help. I beleive it is just the ON key that is not closing or is otherwise open cct and if nothing else I would like to trace that back to the (presumed) "power up" pin on the ASIC. Anybody know which trace(s) on the keyboard pigtail have the ON row/column?


Never and I mean *never*, insert batteries into a wet HP that has a plastic keyboard (the 32Sii is one), you'll kill it in about 12-24 hours by way of electrolysis.

What you are looking for can be found here
Pioneer Keyboard Schematic

Two important points: 1) A 32Sii *WILL NOT* function with a wet keyboard. 2) A closed contact on the keyboard is typically in the range of 6 to 10k ohms. An electrolysis damaged on/off switch will be typically 50k or greater.


Thanks for pointing to the Pioneer keyboard schematic Randy. With that I was able to verify that it was just the ON switch that was water damaged (7 Meg when closed). I cut out the keypad metal backing in that area with a Dremel equipt with a small cutting wheel. Then I fabricated a small bracket to hold a tactile switch from salvaged bread maker PCB under the ON button, and wired this to the ON switch terminals on the PCB. That switch now feels different (tactile action more pronounced), but it's back to calculating.

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