HP15C, or is it an HP11C?


I bought my HP back in 1984 when I enrolled in college, and quickly found out that math was not my forte. So, I packed away my learning tools and went in a different direction. I have used this calculator for simple math functions but never used it for its full potential.

Recently, I remembered after reading some info at this website about the self test of the HP11C and the HP15C. Just for kicks, I did the self test. What was puzzling is that after the conclusion of the self test, the display indicated "11" for the model number. The upper right hand symbol on the face of the calculator clearly states that I have a 15C.

Was there a chance that this was programmed incorrectly or was it labeled incorrectly?

Any help would be great.

P.S. I lost my owners manual a long time ago so I have ordered a CD from your website.


Press f CHS, if you see pi then it's an 11.

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