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Is there a site for HP Series 80 programs?

Specifically I am looking for the MODEM CARD HP-82905A software and the standard applications pack.



I, too, share Vassilis' interest in HP Series 80 programs and manuals too.

I'd like to find some information about the HP8293xA (HP-IB, HP-IL, and Serial) interfaces and 15003-I/O ROM.

I have visited Eric Ball's nice site (http://www.ebbsoft.com/#hp), but he doesn't have these things (yet?).



The I/O ROM manual is on the hpmuseum CDROM collection.
I have the serial, HP-IB and HP-IL manuals and I will try
to scan them and submit them to the Museum in August.


Hi, I might have one of the serial modules for the HP85. If my memory is correct, there were two different available. I'll check my basement. I think I also have some ROM's.

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