How to open a HP-41 wand?


Can anybody tell me (or show me in pictures) how to open a HP-41 wand? I have a transparent case for it here and would like to build another wand into it.



Hi, Matthias;

just a suggestion: by inspecting the transparent case, can you have an idea on how to open an original, black one? I believe it may have 'welded' halves (glue? ultra-sound welding?), but I can't tell for sure. I suggested the inspection on the transparent case based on the fact that, if it was built to hold original wand internals, it must have the same format and shape.

In time: do you intend to take picture(s) of this transparent case? I would like to see it.

Please, if you succeed, let us know.

Best regards.

Luiz (Brazil)


matthias, iirc, there is a description of how to open the wand in the service manual.i don't have it at hand, so may be you can find a copy of it on the museum cds. the halves are "cold welded" ,i.e., glued together with polysterene cement. so, most likely, you have to use a very sharp x-acto knife or similar tool to take the halves apart. just one hint: do *not* use any cyanoacrylate type of bond to re-assemble the halves. all CA bonds (even so if they state otherwise!!) tend to get "foggy" when cured. you can imagine what this will do to your transparent wand...




There'a a copy of the Service manual on "the other site". Page 8 or 9 shows how to open a wand. Looks like they just tell you to crack open the case being carefull not to damage the circuit board, then repair the board and install in a new case. Not much help since they aren't making any new cases.

Good luck with your project.


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