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When did the 12C quality go downhill from the 80's vintage models? Would a 1995 Singapore 12C be comparable to an 80s model? e.g. would 3532Sxxxxx be OK? I know it is a 1995 model, but not sure when the cost cutting occurred.



In the distant past (1970's), the Singapore manufactured versions of the 35, 45, etc. seemed to be of identical quality to the USA produced versions. No telling if that would hold true for later models such as the 12C. I can tell you that I have a Brazilian made 12C, from 1988, I believe, that seems to be of the same level of quality as my earlier 11C and 15C models. I also have a 1998 12C manufactured in Malaysia. While I find it quite acceptable, if you are worried about “cost-cutting”, you would likely not be satisfied. The keys are dull, vs. the shiny finish of the earlier versions. The legends on the face of the keys are also a dull white compared to the bright white of the 1984 11C that I have sitting next to it. The blue legends on the lower key face are also much fainter and duller than the 11C. Finally, the “feel” of the keys is a bit “poppier”, if that makes sense, than the 11C. So unless you can look at the Singapore model in question and decide for yourself, you would probably be better off getting a Brazilian or US made version from the 1980’s. Hope this helps, sorry I couldn’t comment specifically on the Singapore made models.

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