the 34c and battery packs


Hey all,

I've been considering getting a 34c just for fun, but I don't have a clear understanding about how the battery-pack "works", or if it's needed. For my puposes, having it connected via mains power would be fine, but I've read a report here and there about the battery being required -- even using mains power -- for proper operation.

Can anyone enlighten me?




The 34C and other members of the spice (3x E/C) require working battery packs, EVEN WHEN CONNECTED TO AN AC ADAPTER, for operation (they just don't work at all with a bad pack). Bad battery packs or running a unit without a battery pack installed may even harm the calculator.



replacing the bateries inside the battery-pack hp 34c
is easy you can use new NiCd rechargables bateries
search the museum for more information.

the 34c require the battery-pack to work correctly,
never use the calculator without bateries


Terrific, thanks for the info, everyone. This is very helpful.


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