Working HP65 for $475


I was sorely tempted by this.

Then I saw the infamous seller.

If something seems too good to be true, it is.



"works great" but card reader is untested

yeah, sure ;)


You know, about 2 months ago I sent this guy a message asking why he didn't acquire a card so he could test the readers in all these "great working" machines, and be up front about it. As expected, I got no response...


As we all know if we take real good care of the 65, it should have no problem except the battery and the card reader. In this case, we can safely assume that the card reader doesn't work.


Ebay Link


... and note that the calculator does not even work (flashing display) : "the LED displays a row of flashing decimals w/ no#"


Hummm, well, in some other models that just means the batteries are low ... I think.

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