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Several months ago there was a thread regarding the Aurora fn1000. I bought one and have been carrying it every day in my shirt pocket. The thing I like about it is it is very thin and has a protective case....just right to carry in a shirt pocket or pants. The keys are mushy, really mushy. Quality is pretty is manu in China. One strange thing about it is it appears it was designed by a lefty. Opens just the opposite of the HP 19B. As for the financial functions I only use it for un-even cash flows and loan calculations. And it does a good job. It is very slow. The documentation that comes with it isn't great, but you can stagger around and find the answer to most questions.

For someone who just has to have a financial calc at hand and demands RPN, this is not a bad bet at about $31 including freight. I was skeptical at first, but after 6 weeks of carrying, I really would miss it.



I was just about to post something similar about the 28 and the Casio FX-451M which I just got (nice little calc even if not programmable).
It shows the Japanese (Chinese for the Aurora) vs "European" design.
In the far East they open their book with what would be the last page for us and read from there.

So Asian designs logically would have the screen on the left hand side while we are expecting it to the right hand side.



One strange thing about it is it appears it was designed by a lefty.
Imagine you have a book or paper in front of you and the calc to the right. How should the case open? See? :-D

I love my Casio fx-3600 ;-)

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Never thought of that. Apparently Hewlett & Packard didn't either, so I feel like I'm in pretty good company. I guess it is what you are used to. You can still get the Aurora, as I just ordered one for a friend today. My guess is they won't be available much longer.



The Aurora FN1000 has been discontinued.


The Aurora FN1000 is still available from for $23.95 plus shipping. Phone number is 800-727-6863.

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