HP-41c Enter Button


I recently acquired an HP-41c from a user on this forum.
The unit is amazing asside from one thing.

The Enter Button on my 41c works fine the only thing that bugs me is that it has a loose feeling. The button seems to only be connected on the left side and the right side of the button sinks lower, unless you turn it upside down then it falls to the normal location, only to fall back down upon righting it. Is there anything that I can do to fix this or is it something I should just live with. If someone would like to see what I'm talking about I will try to put a pic up for you.

I would appreciate any help.



Sounds like the right snap disk may be damaged. If the key still works, I wouldn't recommend trying to fix it. To take the keyboard apart you have to drill out heat stakes; it wasn't designed to be repaired.


I once had a old HP-41C (version with high keys and the charger contacts), and it had the same behaviour. I don't know if this is really a defect, or if HP did support the Enter-key with only one contact [in the first version]. I think the HP-45 also had only one supporting "contact spring".

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The hinge on the bottom of the key has failed. It is not practical to repair, replacement of the entire keyboard is your best option.


Ok thanks for all the input, I'm a college student and fairly new to the 41c, I am getting a new another one soon for ver cheap and if it has any problems I will probably attempt repairing one or the other.

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