This has to be a record.


Take a look at this
ebay auction.

Surely it is a record.



I started a thread on this down the page back when it was $400. And a gaggle of nattering nabobs of negatism said there's no market for a comeback of this machine. Horsefeathers!

HP, want to make some money? Bring back a revised 15c!


I think that one reason for the demand for this calculator is the quality and ease of use. I doubt that there would be much demand if a "new" 15C was built to the standard of the current 12C. I use an old (circa 1985) 12C, and have looked at a new one, but it is of substandard quality.



These ones are probably records too :


A shame !

HP 11C

I'm looking for a HP 15C in mint condition.

Best regards,



32SII is not even close to a record. I saw one bring over $500.

A 6S for 1 cent... the guy overpaid.

11C... I remember one for $895

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