HP Meeting in Switzerland on the 28th


Hi friends

Please have a look at my updated website for the news....




My contribution is not "Virtual Xpander software on WinCE", it's about "Real Xpander software on virtual ARM-CPU". Well, frankly, it is "Portable WinCE" running from a tiny USB stick, I am quite satisfied with it, looks good and works fast enough - for me.



Hi Matthias,

You can add my presentation proposals:

- The HP Portable Plus: a perfect, all-in-one, portable platform for HP-41 and HP-IL system emulation (did you notice I really like the Portable Plus?)

- "Avant-premiere" presentation of my new on-going project: the HP-IL/RS232/USB translator project. I will not be ready to demonstrate it, but I will present the hardware aspects.


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