OT: SHARP PC1600... Help :-(


I recorded a program in the format SAVE"COM1:",A
I don't get to read him again! !
I use the command LOAD"COM1:"
He was recorded in the format ASCII
He waits for a finalization. The one that I did wrong!!! :-(
Thank You


That should work. Did you check your settings in setdev/setcom and sndstat/sndbrk (for handshaking)?


INIT "COM1:",4096
SETCOM "COM1:",9600,8,N,1,N,S
PCONSOLE "COM:1",255,2

I get to record the program using SAVE "COM1:" or SAVE"COM1:",A.

I don't only get to read of turn for the PC-1600 using LOAD"COM:1"

Help :-)


Are you sure the tape machine you're using is in working order, including the cables?


Serial not tape machine !!! :-)


Serial not tape machine !!! :-)

ahh ok. Then check the cable, and check the computer.


Which program do you run on the PC? Are the settings the same? And do you have a built-in serial port, or do you use a USB-to-Serial cable?
A very good resource is: http://www.sharp-pc-1600.de/ENG_Uebertragung.html


DB9 to DB9 (Serial to Serial)


As a side question (sorry to disturb), is your PC1600 eating batteries ? Mine uses them much more quickly than the 1500 (not alarming, yet).


Hi, GE:

GE posted:

"[...] is your PC1600 eating batteries ? Mine uses them much more quickly than the 1500 (not alarming, yet)."

    Yes, mine does too and it's pretty much to be expected when you consider that the SHARP PC-1500 has a single LH-5801 8-bit CMOS CPU running at 1.3 Mhz, while the much more powerful SHARP PC-1600 does have two CPUs, namely a Z80-compatible, 8-bit SC7852 CMOS CPU running at a much faster 3.58 Mhz, plus an additional LH5803 CMOS 8-bit CMOS CPU, for backward PC-1500 machine-language compatibility.

    The vastly increased CPU speed plus the very extra CPU does mean increased power consumption, notwithstanding other hardware factors.

Best regards from V.

Edited: 19 Oct 2006, 6:36 a.m.


Yes :-)


Just a quick message to let you know that after seeing some interest here for the 1600 I just got another one (you collectors can foind a reason for this...) at www.underwooddist.com

I know businesses souldn't be advertised here, but finding old stuff in perfect shape, quickly and reliably shipped overseas (I'm in Europe) deserves some mention.

Now ready to eat even more batteries !!

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