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I took apart my hp32sii and "ruined it". I'd like now to transplant the guts of it into another case. What Pioneer bodies are compatable? I realize the keys will be mislabeled, so long as the display works.


Just buy another one.
Don't destroy another perfectly good calculator in order to "save" your POS--one which is far from a rarity or an antique.
then again, who cares; it's only a calculator:-)

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Depends upon what you ruined. If you just mangled the body, the following cases will all work:

Hp10B easy find

Hp14B Somewhat rare, same display (pixal)

Hp20s Easy find

Hp21s Rare

Hp22s Rare, same display

The Hp42s, Hp27s and Hp17b may or may not work as they have a 2 line display which may not accomodate your single line display. And all are better calcs or nearly as costly.

You might also consider buying an Hp33s while you play doctor. It is an okay calculator that is the Hp32sii direct replacement. $50 new, retail price.


What happened, my 32sii functioned fine, but some keys would only work if you squeeze the front and back together slightly.

I took it apart and overtightened one of the twist tabs and it broke.

I do have a 14b, that I'm not crazy about. Can I take that one apart and swap the chip board across and expect the calculator to function as a 32sii, of course with the keys mislabeled?


The previous poster is incorrect, the 32Sii LCD is *unique* within the Pioneer line-up. The 14B keyboard may also be incompatible with the 32Sii logic board, *some* early Pioneers had different pinouts, the 14B was in that mix.

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Randy posted,

...The 32Sii LCD is *unique* within the Pioneer line-up.

Indeed that is correct, because the HP-32SII is the only "mid-range" Pioneer -- i.e., those which have the coarse dot-matrix displays showing 12 blocks of 7x5 pixels -- with two shift keys and offering use of equations inside a keystroke program.

(The two-shift-key HP-20S and HP-21S are low-end Pioneers with 7-segment LCD's. The mid-range HP-22S provided the HP-32SII's equation capability, but no keystroke programming.)

I have examples of three mid-range Pioneer displays:

  • "HP-14B, HP-22S, and early HP-32S" with squat dot-matrix blocks and tall menu-pointer arrows, underneath a flush display window
  • "Improved HP-32S" with taller blocks and shorter menu-pointer arrows, underneath a recessed display window
  • "HP-32SII", resembling the "Improved HP-32S", but with two annunciators for shift-key arrows, as well as an annunciator "EQN" for equation mode, replacing the unneeded "INPUT" annunciator.

I've noted that the display contrast on my 2002 HP-32SII is less sensitive to viewing angle than the one on my 1990 HP-32S with "improved" display. It's possible that further refinements were made after 1991, when the first HP-32SII was released.

-- KS

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I don't know I can help you or not,I have a "dead" 32s , it can turn on and pass the self test but not keyboard test,because the keys of right most column can not work properly and the display in "dark in color",
I don't know do 32sii display can install into it or not?I think the problem of keys may fix easily .If tou interested to it please contact me


I have received your e-mail,but I don't know why I can't reply your message by e-mail, please leave the other e-mail address for contact.

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