Defective new hp 12cp 25th aniversary


After receiving my new 12cp aniversary (from amazon yesterday) the calculator shut off, don´t complete the self test, after it shut off, the only way of bring it back is by reseting in the back or doing on -, any help, or can someone give me the address of hp repair center. Thanks

Paul Estepan


Things like this can happen. Even thousand dollar laptops sometimes die in the first 30 days. Some are even DOA.

Your manual will have contact information for your country found in the back. Find the proper # and call HP tomorrow to get a replacement.


Statistics that deal with quality control call this bath-tub probablity distribution. This means that the probability of failure is high when a machine is new and when it gets old. The shape of the probability of failure is like the outline of a bath-tub (whence the name)

You are experiencing an early failure of a machine.


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