Large HP-12 Display Digits in Ebay Photo


Please see the photo in the following E-bay auction for a HP-12C.

HP-12C with large display Digits

These digits fill the entire height of the display. All of my HP-12C's leave space at the bottom for the annunciators. But then I don't have all the various models.

Is this a fake display or are there really 12C's with larger digits? If so, which model?




The picture in the auction feels edited to me. I have never see any version of the HP12C with digits that size.



Hi, Bill;

I'd go for a fake display. Besides, the '7' in the HP12C has no 'f' segment lit. Looks like the seller does not want buyers to see the real calc.

Shame on him...

Luiz (Brazil)


Yep, I vote for "no such animal".

If I believe it's real, you'll know when you see me bidding on it. :-)



You have seen all of teh variants of the HP12C. You say it's bogus ... IT'S BOGUS!!!



Thanks to all,

I was pretty sure it was a doctored photo, but I guess a part of me wanted a large digit display. Older eyesight and all.

I also noticed that there was no decimal point. I don't think you can get that display of numbers without also having a decimal point.

Now why would anyone go to the trouble of creating a fake display? Especially for a common HP-12C. There's plenty of stock photos that could be used.



is an HP9s in this color scheme:

The one I have has a white background with blue shifted functions. This one would be an interesting variant, but the only place I've ever seen it is in Ebay auction pictures. I don't think the actual machine exists that looks like this.



Well, if the 9S accepts the kind of overlays available for the 30S, such view will be rather normal. The 30S comes with a violet overlay, a translucent one and also a gray one; and the 9S/G seems to have the same body.



I asked the seller and this was his answer:

"hi, sorry about the pic, it's a stock picture. I couldn't get mine to download. Actually the button are not that big".



Looking at the link (in first message) again, I see now a different picture!!!!!!!!!!



Yes, I was wondering what the first poster did see, indeed!!

-- Antonio


Hi Antonio,

Yes, I was wondering what the first poster did see, indeed!!

I just went thru my internet cache files and found the JPG photo. I could e-mail you the original photo. You'll found the display most interesting. And, take a look at the "7" character - he didn't quite get it right.



stick the photo up on and you can post the link here:-)


Thanks Bill.

Here's the original:

Note: No thousands separator, no period, and the
Digit 7 is wrong. Obviously a created display.




That is pretty smooth. Someone who didn't know the real deal could be fooled.

So much for photos, right?


Thanks for the nice picture :-)

At that digit size, a 10 digit number plus optional sign would never fit the display.


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