programing issues.... (33s)


Greetings, wise people.

I attempted to get a program to do math formula. I got 'invalid eqn'. Next I tryed a shorter program to see if I could get text displayed. Same response.


How do get word propmts to be on screen?

How do I adjust the speed so it stays on until I enter the prompted data?

For the calculator, can r/s act like the enter does when inputing data on a computer?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Jack.
As far as the "invalid equation" goes, keep in mind that the 33s assumes absolutely no implied, to enter 2(3Y+4), you must key it in as 2x(3xY+4), or else it will flag an "invalid equation" fault when you try to evaluate or solve it.

As for the text prompts you are trying to display, perhaps if you could post the code you are using, someone could help you with it.

Best regards, Hal


the code is as follows:

B0001 LBL B
B0002 TEST
B0003 STOP
B0004 END

This sas a simple program to see if I could get word prompts on the screen. If they showed, they showed way too fast for me to catch them. It was supposed to show the word test until I hit the r/s key.

Instead, I get the invalid eqn error.

I used the eqn, then rcl, then the needed letter as the book suggested. Did I miss something? What happened to the Alpha key?



Well, even if you could do it, putting an alpha string in the display during a program serves no purpose, as the 33s uses only single letter variables, and single letter program labels. The only way I know of to get a string of alpha characters to show in the display is to go to equation mode and key them in as an "equation".
I use this technique to create a label or divider in my equation list. The 33s doesn't compile the "fake" alpha string equation unless you try to do something with it, at which time it flags it as an invalid equation.

Hope this helps, Hal


Hi, Jack;

there is a way to show some limited ALPHA messages, as Hal Bitton mentions in his mail. If you have the HP33S User´s Manual, page 12-14, under 'Using Equations to Display Messages', you´ll see that first you need to have a program line to set flag 10, then you should add an 'equation' as a program line (in this case, whatever you want, with no necessary math coherence). If flag 10 is set, program line with an equation causes the program to stop and the equation to be shown without being evaluated. Please, see the example at page 12-15. After that, to restore the condition of the equations being evaluated, flag 10 should be cleared after the message(s) is(are) shown. Otherwise, all other equations in the program would not be evaluated, instead treated as messages.

Hope this helps.


Luiz (Brazil)

Edited: 7 Oct 2006, 10:08 a.m.


<Dances for joy>

Thanks a lot. That worked Perfectly. Hopefully the rest of my plans will work now that I understand the value of flagging.


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