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Is there any way to deactivate (turn off) a repeating control alarm (but leave it in the alarm memory) and then be able to activate it later? From the 41CX user's guide, it appears as though I must delete the alarm from memory to shut it off, and then enter a new alarm later. Does anyone have a nifty trick to get around this?

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I guess you could do a bit of synthetix by manipulating the alarm registers (it would be interesting to make a set of functions for such manipulations... later).

However, if you save the alarm in Extended Memory (XM), then deleting the alarm from the alarm registers, reactivating the alarm would be a simple routine to get it back from XM and setting it again.

Take a look at the UAC source to get inspiration :)


Ahh yes, extended memory...

What type of file in extended memory do you suppose that would be (program, data, or ASCII/text)?

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I use ASCII files to store alarms. Format is MM,DD:HH,MM:MESSAGE
In this way, the first 6 characters (one ASHF) is the date, the next 6 is the time, then the message. The sequence would be to use GETREC, ANUM, then ASHF, ANUM, then ASHF and you are left with the message in alpha.


Is there any way to deactivate (turn off) a repeating control alarm (but leave it in the alarm memory) and then be able to activate it later?
Why not just have the control program return without doing anything if conditions are not ready yet. It could leave a record that the first so many rep.s were not acted on.

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