19b II Housing Change Possible ?


I have two HP19B II, one is working OK but the housing its really dammage (The batteries door), the other one it´s really dead, I wonder if it is possible a Housing Change, Does anyone have made a crazy thing like this ?. Can this be possible.


To take apart a clamshell (18C, 19B, 19BII, or 28S), you have to peel off labels and drill out a bunch of heat stakes. Once you swap parts, you can glue it back together, but it may not be as "solid" as the original.

I was using an older 28S with a broken battery door in school last spring, because I didn't want to risk losing my good one. I taped the battery door to the calculator. Not pretty, but it worked.


I used a heavy duty rubber band on my oldest USA made 28s (its door is actually still good, but it bulges slightly, so I resort to this to save stress on the door). It doesn't close like this, but the 28s is actually a desktop calculator if I ever saw one.


I've got a couple of layers of clear packing tape holding the battery door on my 28S in place. Works great and not too ugly.

- Pauli


I took a badly damaged 19BII apart in boring a meeting once. It had several broken heat stakes. With all those stakes, it definitely was not made to be reassembled. On this particular calc, the stakes were broken about half way down, so I couldn't just reheat or reglue the heads. If you're careful, I suppose you could drill them out and glue as someone suggested - What kind of glue would work on this plastic?


Thanks for your suggestions,I am not sure in making the housing change, but if I decided to do it, I will try to share my experience.

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