HP 39G connectivity cable



I just picked up an HP 39G and I'm trying to transfer software between the HP and my PC but I seem to have a cable issue.

The connectivity cable from my HP 200LX fits the calculator nicely but as soon as I start the software, the HP's display runs havoc. The cable seems to have the wrong pinout :-(

Can someone provide information on how to create a cable that works?


P.S.: The cable has the number F1015-80002 printed on the DB-9 plug.

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I do not know the pinout of the Hp100/200 LX, BUT I DO KNOW IT IS THE WRONG CABLE, capable of frying the display of the Hp38/39/40G calculators. Whether it does or not is a crap shoot. (I learned this w/ my Hp38G in the same fashion, and luckily, I did not damage and hope you did not either).

The Hp39/39/40G calculators can use the same cable supplied with the original Hp49G and is fairly easy to obtain.

If your display is back to normal, you can resume your quest for an Hp49G cable. If you now have a blank screen or corrupted screen, you now have a new paperweight. While the display can be replaced, the Hp39G is not all that expensive via ebay. Hopefully, your Hp39G is no worse for wear.


I found the following very informative page by E. Carta:

Building the HP49 Serial PC-Link Cable

I've just built the DB9-DB9 adapter and a file transfer is underway. So I did not fry my new toy (It's a toy, isn't it?)

I would still prefer an original cable or an adapter to map my HP48G cable to the 39G. Anybody out there?


P.S: The CAS enabler downloaded successfully :-)


The Hp 49G cable is JUST such a cable. It has an adapter plug to transfer files from the Hp49G to an Hp48G (and therefore works as you wish also). These cables retail for less than $20 (and usually less via discount houses, ebay or such).

Perfect excuse to buy an Hp49G (often selling for $50 I believe) and getting the cable included.


My problem is that I better buy goods here in Europe to save on taxes.

I've posted an add here.



Hi, Marcus. I've got a spare hp49g serial cable contact me at pacoj123 at hotmail dot com.

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