Ideas for new HP Business Calculators


During waiting that my trusty HP 17BII+ finished his MIRR & FMRR (Modified IRR & Financial Management Rate of Return) calculations on a midsize cash-flow problem, I started to think, how the HP business calculator of the future should look like.

Here are some ideas (albeit unstructured) - I kindly ask the readers who depend on business calcs in their daily work too, to comment & add ideas & features!

- Formfactor of 17BII+ or 19BII

- power-on time with one set of batteries should be retained (hard to acomplish - I know - giving the feature list following below)

Listed features are in addition to existing HP17BII+ features:

- It should be much faster. Goal: Surpass the speed of a TI BAII Professional Plus when doing (as an example) MIRR

- It should include IRR, MIRR & FMRR routines in one menu

- It should allow for LIST editing

- More internal memory

- Additional programming possibilities beside the SOLVER - BUT Keep the Solver !!!

- It should allow for data storage/exchange via SD card

- It should have USB or (real) IRda

- It should provide TRIG functions

- It should provide UTPN etc. functions

- Backup Battery instead of condensator (to support secure battery exchange)

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

Edited: 25 Sept 2006, 4:41 p.m.


I prefer the clamshell design. HP needs to improve on the hinge and the battery compartment door (19B11). As for additional functions, that isn't my area of expertise.....I get along with a 10B. But, it is time for HP to bring out a new up-scale financial calc. I hope this topic gets some more discussion.



Well, I daily use a HP12C, but I'm an engineer, and I don't use any financial function. The reason I use a 12C is that I like too much its shape and its keys (the big ENTER key, for instance). So, I'm getting into this post by the back door.

SD and USB are good, for any shape the calculator could have. But the thing I'd really like is a 12C (platinum II, maybe) with trigs and the gamma function and a SOLVE program. I know this is not what you two meant, but its a little effort, on HP side, to implement in a new ROM such few things, rather that redesigning the whole calculator.

Of course, I don't know any HP plan, so it may be the case they're up issueing a new calculator along your desires, and they have already discarded a model with my expectations.

Only time will tell...

-- Antonio

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