Calculator for real estate license exam


I live in IL and my wife is taking the realtor class. I have an HP10B and wonder if it is allowed when she takes the state exam? How about other states? Are the rules different?


Actually Gene is more authorative on this issue, but in case he doesn't answer, I will but in and do so.

I believe only the Hp12c and BA-II Plus are allowed for the exam you mention. The BA-II plus is most similar to the Hp 10b. It is the better buy for price to features offered.

I like the Hp12c layout and the newer Hp12cp has a couple of extra features that may be worth the few extra dollars over the standard Hp12c. The features:

Algebraic (AAAAGH!!! an RPN enthusiast may cry, but it does make the 12c more Hp 10B like, but w/o precidence or parenthesis, nothing Hp should brag about)
Much more memory, always welcome (though still skimpy by today's standards)
Best feature: Backspace number correction vs clearing the whole entry.

Of course a used (more than 5 years old) Hp 12c is of much higher build quality than the newer products.

Price to function ratio favors the Ti, but I do like the layout of the Hp12c line (my favorite of course is the Hp15c, a younger sibling).


Lol. I'm certainly no authority! :-)

However, I did a websearch and found the testing requirements for my state of Tennessee. It states:

"Only non-programmable calculators that are silent, battery-
operated, do not have paper tape printing capabilities, and
do not have a keyboard containing the alphabet will be
allowed in the examination site."

so that might mean that the 12c is not allowed. I don't know...but since it is programmable...

Certainly, the best thing to do is to contact the state in which the license will be acquired and ask.


Concerning a recommendation of non-programmables, I certainly would recommend the TI-BA II Plus Professional (w/ silver case!), because it has MIRR & DPB (Discounted Payback) which might become handy (at least to get a ballpark figure to compare to more complex FMMR calculations ;-)

Also cash-flow handling is much easier with the TI than with the HP 10B. Although I use both calculators interchangeably, I prefer the TI for cash-flows. (Would you be allowed to use programmables, the HP17B+ would win hands-down !)

As another hint: Search the web (or the TI education site) for a PDF copy of the "BA III Guide Book", which contains a bunch of useful samples on calculating Piti, Buyers Qualification, Ellwood, CAPs, Wrap-Arounds etc.

My first intent to recommend the eventually still available TI BA Real Estate, doesn't make so much sense, because it lacks the clarity of the keyboard layout for standard TVM tasks(Edited: 25-Sep-2006 ... and it lacks Cashflow Functions too ...)

Best regards,

Peter A. Gebhardt

Edited: 25 Sept 2006, 3:36 a.m. after one or more responses were posted


I wish that she can use the 10B. Looking thru her book it seems to do the job well. I think of the 10B because it's the only HP I have that is not programable and is geared for business. I am not going to buy a TI.

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