Can anyone ID these HP non-calculator parts?


this unit came out of a Boice CMM (coordinate measuring machine - used
in machine shops, employing an electronic probe that is movable in X, Y & Z axis to give dimensions via a digital read-out); i thought the smaller box had a tag reading HP-98XX but it's gone now; anyone have an
idea what this combination is? no labels, nor doors, windows, drives,
etc., on the one rectangular unit, the other has an edge connector (25
connectors). this item would be ABOUT 1975 - early 1980s vintage I believe.
more photos here:

tnx in advance,
carson city, nv



The Centronics like plug with 50 pins looks like an old SCSI connector.



Hi Barry,

Looks like the BCD interface dedicated to my beloved Cj aka Hp-9815.

So, I propose: HP 98133A : (source of following picture

You'll find a better description
at Joe's computer page.

All the best



hi etienne:

yes, i believe you're correct!! my (bad) memory was telling me HP-9833
from my quick look at the label when it was there, but HP-98133 makes more sense!

thank you!!

do they have any value?

carson city nv


Hi Barry,

They might have value to somebody owning :

- the 9815S which includes the 2 I/O channels (or the same option retrofitted on a 9815A)


- the guts to delve in the I/O programming intricacies of the 9815.

I own the 1st but not the 2nd :-)

Maybe Tony Duell or Joe Rigdon (at Classiccmp )could be interested...

The 9815A is a beautiful and powerful RPN machine with straightforward programming (except I/O).

...but the user base is...ahem... dwindling.


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