Display on 32SII gone mad...


My child uses the 32S II är school. Some of her classmates borrowed the calculator and pressed on different buttons randomly. All of a sudden the display died, and there it stayed.

I have taken out the batteries twice, and now the calculator runs. But in the display, I only see strange bars, arrows and other stuff. Anyone know what this could be and how to solve the issue?

I have a picture of the display, but I don't know how to post it .


GO TO HTTP://TINYPIC.COM and upload your image there. Then you can post the link here.

Does not sound good. Have you tried all of the memory clearing operations that are listed in the manual?


Great thanks, you solved my problem. I have lost the manual some years ago and not searched for a new since I know what I need. Now I found a .pdf version of the manual on the net, and yes, the total reset worked!

I looked like this and changed for every time i pressed a button. You learn something new every day.


I had a similar problem a few weeks ago with my hp32sii, but it happened when it got "twisted" inside a backpack. I had to take away the batteries to get it normal again.

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