How to solve on an hp 50G


Hi guys, here's what I need to do. In the equation L[sin(A)]= I need to know how I can designate a range for L of [0,4] and a range for A of [0,180]. Then I need for the calculator to generate random values for L and A within the ranges and store the results in two lists, one for when the answer is greater than or equal to 2 and another when the result is less than or equal to two.

Thanks for the help.


First, try starting with "An Easy Course in Programming the HP48" from Grapevine publications. Get a copy of Eduardo Kalinowki's "Programming in User RPL" for the HP49. Get a copy of the 48 AUR, those 48 commands are still all within the ROM of the HP50. Download anything remotely similar to what you want from The best way to learn code is to modify existing code. From there it's really just a short hop to writing your own completely from scratch. Happy Programming!


Also get the Museum CD set / DVD and look at Bill Wickes's "Insights" books. See

Also download a PDF file of the 49g+ AUR from; I believe that the only difference on a 50g (compared with a 49g+ with the same ROM revision installed) will be that system flag -78 is used for controlling which port (serial or USB) is used for communications via wire, and VERSION should say "HP50-C" instead of "HP49-C".



I do believe you're right on this. One of the really neat things about the continuing 49/49+/50 line is that everything seems compatible. And all the great old commands of the 48 are still within ROM. I'm not the best programmer around, but I've got dozens of RPL programs to help automate things I do, get it done right and quick. Of course for big, heavy duty apps MatLab works well, but it has its quirks, and you need a pc.

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