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Can somebody tell me what the mains adapter voltage rating and polarity for my HP 95LX is? I'm pretty sure it's *not* compatible with the HP 200LX.

BTW, my adapter for the 200LX broke down recently. I was able to replace it successfully with a vintage Nokia ACH-4E with a rating of 12V @ 0.8A. Newer Nokia adapters won't work as they deliver 5.7 V only. Maybe I can use one of them for the 95LX?



Hi Marcus,

See Second Item in following

Most Frequently Asked HP 95LX Questions to HP Technical Support



Hi Bill,

Thanks for the info. I couldn't find a matching adapter yet.




You might want to try making an external battery pack in lieu of using an AC adapter. See following link:

Make External Battery for the 95LX

The usual disclaimers apply. I've never tried it, so proceed at your own risk. But I really don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.




nice idea but I need the power adapter because the 95LX is just for playing aroud every few weeks. If I let it sit on its batteries, they are depleted when I dig the machine out. So I want to have the power supply always connected to save on battery power. This is what I'm doing with my (retired) 200LX, too.




Okay, I understand. But I'm really supprised that the batteries are dying that quick when turned off. Like you, I have a HP-200LX that I play araound with ever month or so. I probally only go through a couple of sets of batteries per year.

Oh, I just remembered - I'm not using standard alkaline batteries. I've been using the Energizer Lithium AA batteries. They seem to last forever - at least 4-5 times longer thand standard batteries.

I'd suggest you give hem a try.

Another idea for finding a AC Adapter. I can't speak for Germany, but here in the United States there are a lot of weekend flea markets. There's usualy several people at these markets that will have boxes of loose AC adapters of all sorts of voltages. I've picked up various odd voltage adapters at these markets over the years - usually just for a dollar or so.





at the moment, the 95lx is equipped with lithium cells (that came with my Apple wireless mouse). Before I had put in cheapo alcalines which obviously weren't up to the job.

I found a suitable power supply at Conrad.de, a huge German retail store. BTW, the next flea market will be on Sunday.


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