HP49G Numeric Solver Soft Key Menu


I am just wonder if owners of real, as opposed to emulated, 49G's can answer this for me.

On my 49G+, right-shift(hold)-7 brings up the numeric solver soft key menu, as an alternative to executing 74 MENU.

I can't seem to do this in my emulated 49G's (i.e., in EMU48 or Power48), though 74 MENU does the trick, and indeed seems to be the only way to get to the desired softkey menu. I am wondering if this accurately replicates the behaviour of the real 49G. Also, is it ROM-version-dependent?




At least through ROM revision 1.19-6 on a (real) 49G, RightShift
(hold) 7 just brings up a choose box, just as RightShift (without
hold) 7 does, and I suppose the same as in your emulators, not
menu #74.01 as it does on the 49g+.

But I'm not sure what it does on early revisions of the 49g+.


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