Unable to transfer data through cables between IBM laptop USB port and HP48 GX Serial Link


Oct 28, 2005

Hello to you all,

I just purchased a "Prolific" (Trade / Registered Mark)USB-Serial Adaptor to attempt transferring data IBM laptop USB port and HP48 GX Serial Link. I am totally unable to make it work in either way through a cable - which cable of course I did check as working properly .

To make things worse, I fail retrieving through the "search" function the quite recent post on this subject which seemed quite optimistic and gave information on how to make it work.

Thank you for your help for indicating me the link of this recent post ( published here less than one month ago I think ) or for any other kind of help.



Oct 31, 2005

Hello to all again,

Sorry for my former post dated Oct 28. My memories failed since the discussed item apparently was not adressed here on this forum lately.

I just recovered the researched information - although I did not use it - on TOS under the title " USB to serial ADAPTOR ... " .

Best Regards

Antoine M. "Kermit" Couëtte

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