Series 80 Programmable ROM module clone (PRM-85) update



I have updated my web page with further details on the PRM-85 module:

This is a clone of the Series 80 (HP-85/87) Programmable ROM module, which allows EPROM copies of ROMs to be used. This is mainly to allow access to the Assembler and Extended Mass Storage ROMs, and also for the HP-85 Service ROM.

Please take a look, and if interested please e-mail me and I will add your name to the waiting list (currently 5 names long).

I (and others) would be interested if anyone has a Service ROM for either an HP-86 or HP-87. Please get in touch if you would like to help make a copy for use as an EPROM.




Beautiful work! As a suggestion, can this expansion board be build with FLASH memory, and a USB or serial connection to program it? An EPROM programmer isn't an usual thing these days, not to speak about the UV lamp to erase it...

Best regards,


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