48SX ON/OFF button


My ON/OFF button is defective. It only works some of the time.
I'm able to turn it on by pressing the "a" and the "ON" at the same time.
Can't turn it off.

Is there a way to clean the contacts or better yet, program other buttons to be ON/OFF.

Thanks for the help


The ON/C button is a dedicated function, no other keys can be used to wake up the processor.

The problem is typically the loss of connection between the keyboard and logic board. There are of course other possibilities but if it is the loss of connection, pressing the raised area above the B and C keys simultaneously when pressing the ON button will most times restore normal operation. If the problem persists, the only long term solution is repair which requires opening the unit. There are several methods detailed here: http://www.hpcalc.org/hp48/docs/opening

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Although turning the machine ON requires that you press the ON key,
you can at least use the command OFF (PRG NXT [RUN] NXT OFF) to turn it off.


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