HP-27s Rom Dump problem



I am attempting to dump the rom from either of my two hp27s calculators for use in EMU42 using Christoph Giesselink's dump assembler program contained in the pioneer text file within the CPROMUPL archive. However, both calculators freeze and I have to exit the memory scanner.

I have succeeded in accessing the resident memory scanner, navigating to address #52000, entering the assembly program, returning to address #52000, and pressing the period (.) key to execute the program. I was careful to find the rom revision of each calculator (one is A, the other is B) and make the necessary modification of one line of code for each rom version. I have double-checked my typing for each of the four times I have tried but may still be making a silly mistake.

I was wondering if anyone has succeeded in dumping the rom for an hp27s using this program. This will encourage me to keep trying!



Edited: 21 June 2005, 7:18 a.m.

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